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Super Rangers Fire Dragon

Dragon Kingdom is attacked by Evillon’s army. Only Jack (The black ancient warrior and Princess Alice’s guardian) escapes from the danger. Back to the Earth, Jack has no choices but recruits three brave teenagers as Fire Dragon Rangers to protect the city and fight against the evil.

1. Escape From The Dead Zone

Jack is fighting Evillon's monsters in an evil dimension. His best friends, the dragon warriors, sacrificed themselves to give their powers to Jack and let him out from the dead zone. Back to the Earth, Evillon orders his evil army to destroy Jack and conquer the city. Jack is almost defeated.

2. Need A Hand

When Evillon's army is attacking Jack, Eddie comes to help. The red dragon crystal shines and Jack gives Eddie the power to become the red fire dragon ranger. After Evillon discovers Eddie's identity as the red fire dragon ranger, Evillon sends a monster to attack Eddie, and someone to kill his dad. When Eddie and his little sister are back to home, they find their dad dead and Eddie promises he will protect the city and fight for his dad.

3. Evil Play

A big red ball is found on a street. Whoever touches the ball, the one will be attracted to it and can't move freely. One day, Henry and Mandy comes to help when the monster is attacking the innocent people. Jack gives Henry and Mandy the blue and yellow powers to become the blue and yellow fire dragon rangers to fight against the evil forces.

4. Fire Dragons

Jack tells the rangers to protect and free the dragons from the evil monster. Later, the dragons come back and help the rangers to destroy the monster.

5. My Dad Is A Hero

Mandy's father is a kung fu master. One day, he is attacked by a monster during his kung fu show. Mandy’s dad is seriously injured and he finds out that his daughter is the yellow ranger.

6. Ancient Dragons

Evillna discovers the ancient dragons and uses them to destroy the rangers.

7. Evil Spell

Evillna puts a spell on the city people. Whoever has a weak strength will listen to her evil order and destroy the city. Unluckily, Henry is put onto a spell and fights his best friends.

8. My Parent, My Love

Evillna discovers herself a human being, not a mutant. She and her younger sister are adopted by Evillon. She plans to search for her real parents secretly. On the other hand, Mandy's grandma comes to visit Mandy. Henry pretends to be Mandy's boyfriend in order to make her grandma happy and finally, Mandy saves her grandma from the monster.

9. Who Are You?

Jack is searching for Princess Alice since she has disappeared after he has escaped from the dead zone. Jack is attacked by a powerful monster, Greton, and Greton seems to know every move of Jack and defeats him. After Jack has escaped from the danger, he promises he will bring Princess Alice back.

10. Evil Stage

Everyone who comes to the music concert will be falling into a deep sleep. Unluckily, Mandy and Eddie’s sisters are inside. The rangers need to destroy the monster in order to free innocent audiences.

11. Suicide

A businessman is forced to do bad things from Evillon. He wants to commit suicide and escape from the evil Evillon’s army. Later, Eddie saves him and he realizes that avoiding reality and committing suicide are the stupid things that can’t help him to solve the problem.

12. Lies

Evillon tells Evillna that her parents have been destroyed long ago since she has been born. She thinks her parents are destroyed by the dragon warriors, including Princess Alice and Jack. During the fight, Greton suddenly appears and fights only Jack.

13. Hit Or Miss?!

Henry falls in love with a female racecar champion, Bonnie. However, she tells Henry that she already has a boyfriend but thanks him for saving her life from a monster.

14. Sudden Attack

Mandy likes daydreaming. One day, she meets Jake and thinks he is the Prince Charming in her dream. Later, the rangers are under a sudden attack by a mysterious white ranger. Eddie is seriously injured in the battle.

15. The Mysterious White Ranger

Jake is the white ranger. He is also Jack's younger brother. Jack thinks Jake has already been destroyed by Evillon's monsters in the dead zone. But Jake thinks Jack is a selfish person and the one who only thinks of himself and abandons him in the dead zone. Now, Jake wants to take revenge to his brother. Jack is seriously injured and the other rangers try to stop Jake.

16. Jade Saber

Jake plans to find the powerful Jade Saber and defeat all the rangers by himself, but finally, Eddie gets the saber from an ancient monster.

17. Pink Dragon

Recently, the new Pink Fire Dragon Ranger has been reported to the news and several public media. She is described as the bravest ranger among the team. After Eddie has read the news and told Mandy about this, Mandy discovers that her high school friend, Petty, is the pink ranger. Later, Mandy tells Petty that being a ranger is not a game, it is a very dangerous mission to keep the world peaceful. At the same time, Greton shows up and tells Jack that he comes for the revenge.

18. Forest Of Evil Spirits

Evillme loses her way in a forest when she is on the way to find her parents. The legend says the forest is protected by evil spirits, so Evillna begs Jake to bring her little sister back. In the forest, Henry and Mandy are both surrounded by the evil spirits, and on the other hand, Eddie finds out that Jake is not a cruel person after saving Evillme from the danger. Later, Greton joins Evillon’s evil team, and Eddie is attacked by Jake again in the city.

19. Wake Up!

Jake overhears Evillon is the one who kills the parents of Eddie and Evillna, and he realizes that Evillon uses him to create hatred between the rangers and himself. At the end, Jake gives up fighting against the rangers and leaves in order to find out who he really is. On the other hand, Greton attacks Jack and asks him "Where is she?".

20. Evil Spirits

Starlia kidnaps Henry to the ancient temple and brings monsters back to destroy the rangers.

21. Treasure Map 1

22. Treasure Map 2

Two young brothers discover an ancient treasure map in their grandpa’s garden. Later, Mandy saves their grandpa from the attack and finds out that the treasure is an egg of an evil dragon.

23. Ancient Dragon Power

Eddie travels back in time to get the new power in order to save the rangers from a powerful monster. Later, Eddie becomes the super red fire dragon ranger.

24. Switch Identity

Eddie and Henry are attacked by a monster’s laser. Their identities are switched. In order to return back to normal, the rangers need to destroy the monster. On the other hand, Greton tells Jack about his revenge and Jack discovers that Greton is his best friend, Clayton.

25. Falcon Dragon

The falcon rangers and fire dragon rangers unite and fight against the monsters.

26. Back To Action

Henry’s brother is kidnapped. Jake comes back and helps the rangers. Finally, Eddie saves Henry’s brother, but Jake is kidnapped and brainwashed by Evillon.

27. Alice In Evil Land 1

28. Alice In Evil Land 2

Jake and Alice become evil and plan to destroy the earth by themselves. Jake tricks the rangers into his trap and captures them. At the end, Jack builds a device to follow the rangers and rescues them from the danger.

29. Secret Of Energy

Evillna overhears that Evillon is the one who has destroyed her parent and plans to get more energy for himself by absorbing Evillme’s life energy and announce that Princess Alice and Jake will become the next rulers of the universe.

30. Game Of Trust

After Evillna has known the truth from Evillon, she seeks help from others in order to free her younger sister. Jack trusts her and follows her to Evillon’s evil base in order to save her younger sister. On the other hand, Evillon sends the rangers into a video-game dimension to fight Henry’s video-game monsters.

31. Start The Evil Game

Jack loses his way after he follows Evillna to Evillon’s evil base. Evillon captures the good Evillna and creates an evil one to trick Jack and make him fall into his trap. On the other hand, Greton plans to fight against Evillon since he discovers that Evillon is the one who has kidnapped Princess Alice and turns her into evil.

32. The True Yellow Dragon Power

Princess Alice imprisons Mandy’s grandma and father and sends an ancient monster to attack Mandy.

33. The Only Winner

Jake and Eddie fight to the end. At the end, Jake loses and he becomes good again.

34. White Battle

Starlia plans to challenge Jake in order to get back the trust from Evillon, but finally Jake destroys Starlia.

35. Diamond Is Not Forever

Diamona sends a powerful monster to kidnap Henry’s sweetheart, Bonnie, in order to make the rangers surrender. Later, Henry destroys the powerful Diamona and rescues Bonnie from the danger.

36. Princess Of Goodness

Jake believes there is still something good inside Princess Alice. Later, Jake de-morphs as the white guardian and helps Princess Alice get back her memory. After Princess Alice has become good again, she tells Jake about his brother, Jack. Jake decides to go alone and save Jack from Evillon’s evil base.

37. As Good As You Get

After losing Princess Alice and Jack, Evillon sends a powerful monster to capture Greton back and makes him become an evil warrior to fight the black ranger. Later, Jack follows Greton and defeats him on a strange island. After the battle, Greton’s evil power is gone and the good side of Greton turns him back into Jack’s old friend, Clayton (The Grey Warrior of Dragon Kingdom). At the end, Clayton decides to stay on the island and Jack goes back to help the rangers fighting the monster.

38. Wind Dragon

Evillon sends his last monster to destroy the city. The ninja wind rangers and fire dragon rangers unite and fight against the monster.

39. Evillon's Last Stand

After Evillme has been dead, Evillon absorbs all her power to transform himself into a more powerful creature.

40. Miracle (Ending)(10/16/04)

Evillon is destroyed by the rangers, but his evil soldiers are everywhere. One night, Mandy is attacked and seriously injured. Her condition is very dangerous and she may never wake up. Dragon Kingdom is destroyed, but God of Love is touched by the true love from Eddie to Mandy, so they make the evil soldiers all disappeared in the city. The world becomes peaceful. Henry and his dreaming girl, Bonnie, become a couple.


Super Rangers Fire Dragon Cast

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